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Veg&Able Greenhouse

Veg&Able greenhouses are manufactured in Finland with finnish materials all the way.

Each Veg & Able greenhouse is custom made, made to order. While waiting for delivery, there’s good time to consider the best place for the greenhouse within your yard or garden (best place is not too sunny, but not too shady). And prepare the foundation.

The easy-to-assemble greenhouse is delivered to your yard as ready-made prefab modules, assembling the greenhouse takes only a few hours. All parts have pre-installed screw holes and all necessary parts are included with the delivery.

The Veg & Able Greenhouse comes with two vented roof modules. The vented roof module comes with hatch that opens automatically and helps to balance the temperature fluctuations in the greenhouse.


  • The material is durable and beautiful Finnish heat-treated pine.
  • The glass is tempered 4mm safety glass, made in Finland.


  • Rear wall and front door wall width 2140 mm, height 2750 mm
  • Side wall width 2470 mm (= 4 modules + rear and side walls)
  • Additional modules allow the greenhouse length to be increased to the desired length. (One additional module has a width of 600 mm

Please note that over time the wood will patinate to a beautiful silvery gray. If you want the wood to retain its original color, the wood must be treated from time to time.


incl: 2 x standard module, 2 x vent hatch module, 1 x door end, 1 x doorless end + delivery (in mainland Finland).

Please contact to order, ask questions and other information:

Extend Veg&Able greenhouse by additional

extra modules

With extra modules you can extend the greenhouse up to 60 cm at a time. The Veg & Able Greenhouse comes with two vented ceilings. The vented hatch module comes with an automatically opening and closing hatch that helps to balance the temperature fluctuations in the greenhouse.


Extra module


Extra module incl: 2 x wall piece, 2 x roof piece


Extra module with a hatch


Extra module with a hatch incl: 2 x wall piece, 1 x roof piece with a hatch, 1 x roof piece

Orders, questions and other information, please contact: